Atonor is...

...The essence of music. Of everything, of everybody...

Unpredictable – unforgettable – crazy, fun and surprising: A fantastic universe of creativity – a fusion of sounds, objects, electronic and music – a conglomerate of items you know but don't recognize, of items you do not know but which will surprise you – a dazzling play of things that make you wonder, that make you curious, that make you laugh and dance.

Atonor lives in a bizarre world where even every day events are crazy: Scissor bass, string swing, tone sniffer, MIDI phones, board game packaging, resistasizer, sound cleaner, centrifugal rope sampler, jump sound ball game, neonor and optic mice – all that and more makes and belongs to the acoustic inventory of Erwin Stache.
Everyday objects break out of their original function and into new sounds: A wardrobe rack creaks quietly and squeaks. The swinging boy frantically moves around its arms like a virtual drummer performing an acoustic fence fight. A music trainer drives down the melody road in front of a desk full of old telephones. Their perpetual ringing creates a rhythm of drum and bass sounds. The phone is being picked up, the skull singers are humming, the metal poles are energized and the alarm generator falls quiet.

Atonor is a group of young people who go their very own way through this world of surrealistic sounds – on land, in water, on stage and through the city. They are looking for the essence of music, of everything, of everybody.
Atonor was founded in 2002 by German sound artist Erwin Stache as a workshop at the school in Brandis near Leipzig. Using the artist's various electroacoustic objects Atonor creates pieces, programs and films which constitute a mix between experiment, performance, theater and rhythm. Since then the group has evolved into an ensemble of artists from Leipzig and Berlin. They perform on concerts and provide the music for both large and small projects. In addition to that they are regularly invited to festivals all over Europe. Usually the audience does not know, whether to be more astonished by the performance or the objects themselves.